Couple Celebrates 81st Wedding Anniversary and Reveals Marriage Secret… They are adorable.

1932 November 25th was a long time ago. The First World War ended only 14 years ago. The United States was in the grip of the Great Depression, and Franklin D. Roosevelt had only recently been elected President.

He could buy a gram of gold for $ 21, although there were some modifications. That is the day Anne and John Bethar are overjoyed.

They were born and raised in one of Bridgeport, Connecticut’s most affluent areas, and fled to New York City for an imminent wedding, defying her family’s intentions for her to marry an older man.

The truly amazing fact was that they were still married after 85 years. He is already 102 years old, and he will be 106 years old soon.

Their marriage is regarded as one of the longest-lasting in history, and it has been designated as a champion of longevity in the United States. As John pointed out with a laugh. ‘They predicted it wouldn’t last long.’

If anyone can be a marriage expert, it’s Anne and John. They also appeared on television and shared marriage advice with the public via Twitter.

Understanding and accepting their flaws was critical. Avoiding fights and keeping grudges is also a beneficial and significant circumstance.

John cracked a joke. ‘It’s simply cooking; it’s the only disagreement we’ve had in our marriage.’ However, Anne cut.

‘Here’s what he has to say. It’s all about the cooking.’ Having a sense of humor undoubtedly helps a lot!

The factor of company is also an important component of the mix. It is more possible that love will last for many years if you get along well with your pals and have fun doing activities as if you were friends.

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