People have called Alyssa Milano “Ugly,” but her husband has loved her for 13 years — she displays her no-makeup face on her 50th birthday…

Alyssa Milano has made it a habit to publish a photo on her Instagram profile on her birthday, along with a caption in which she reflects on the experiences and lessons she has gained over the previous year. It’s easy to see why the actress from “Who’s the Boss” would feel sentimental and optimistic.

She did the same thing on her 48th birthday and described how she felt about her looks in the post that she published online. Her skin may not be as taut and her body may not be as supple as it was when she first started working in the industry, but they both represent the experiences that she has undergone and cherished.

It is a blessing to have such self-awareness, yet many utilize social media sites to convey their uncensored judgments about other people. Milano, like with other prominent personalities, is often the object of cruel remarks, assaults on their personhood, and even bullying. One of these posters tweeted the following:

“Back in the day, Alyssa Milano was a really desirable celebrity. She is still beautiful, but her mental illness has turned her into an unattractive person.”

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