Wild Tiger Approached Man Asking For Help To Get Noose Off Around Its Neck

Imagine waking up to find a wild tiger behind your house! What will you do? That’s exactly what happened with one man, who lives in a village.

The man went to figure out what the noisy sound he heard coming from his backyard. He was completely shocked when he saw a big wild tiger behind his home!

For one moment, the man thought it was the end as the tiger started to walk toward him. But the tiger did not to hurt him as it just bowed its head.

So, the man knew that there was something wrong with the tiger! After taking a closer look, he found a bad wound in the tiger’s neck caused by a metal noose.

The man, who is paramedic, knew he had to help the tiger as its wound was badly festering and inflamed. So, he led the tiger to the barn, where the man started to clean the wound after removing the noose.

The tiger was completely calm despite his severe pain! The tiger then went away after the inflammation was gone. The tiger even did not forget what the man did for him and brought a deer carcass to some days later! Watch the video below.

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