Brain-Deɑd 13-Yr-Old On Life Support Makes ‘Miraculous’ Recovery.

Brain-Deɑd 13-Yr-Old On Life Support Makes ‘Miraculous’ Recovery. A 13-year-old Alabama kid recovered consciousness after being pronounced brain-deɑd is nothing less than a miracle.

Trenton McKinley was riding on a tiny trailer towed by a dune buggy outside a friend’s house in March when his pal abruptly sIammed the brakes, inverting the trailer and tossing McKinley to the ground. He was transported to the hospital for emergency surgery after suffering seven skull fractures.

Jennifer Reindle, his mother, said he had been deɑd for 15 minutes. When he came back, they claimed he would never be normal again and that if he was, he would be a vegetable.

Days after the trɑgedy, Reindl and McKinley’s father made the difficult choice to take their son off life support and sign documents allowing organ donation. McKinley started showing signs of brain activity just a day before they said goodbye, his mother reported on a Facebook page dedicated to his rehabilitation. His hand moved, followed by his feet.

McKinley has since made a remarkable comeback, saying he thinks he was in heaven while his body was on life support.

There is no other explanation than God, he said. There is no other choice. That’s what the doctors said.

McKinley has had three brain surgeries since the trɑgedy, and while he has made significant progress, he still has a long road to rehabilitation. He has lost 50 pounds, has nerve pain and seizures, and is now missing half of his skull, which will be reattached in an upcoming operation.

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