Jennifer Garner, 50, made a very rare appearance with her oldest daughter Violet on her 17th birthday. Mother and daughter looked like twins!

Jennifer Garner, 50, made a very rare appearance with her oldest daughter, Violet, on her 17th birthday. Mother and daughter looked like real twins.

Jennifer’s children always come first for her, no matter what.

To relax from full-time motherhood, the actress prefers working on her farm and cooking tasty food.

On December 1, 2022, Jennifer Garner’s daughter, Violet Anne Affleck, turned 17, and to celebrate the milestone, her famous mother took them on a rare outing. The actress, then 50, took her eldest daughter to a state dinner at the White House.

The pair looked like twins as they were photographed while entering the party. The duo was seen smiling as they walked hand-in-hand with matching black outfits for the occasion.

Violet wore a shiny black dress without arms while her mother stunned in a classic black Ralph Lauren gown. In an Instagram photo uploaded by Just Shared, showing the mother-daughter pair, fans rushed to give their thoughts.

One person was confused by the image and asked who the daughter was and the mother in the photo. A second fan thought Violet was her mother’s “spitting image” and was “stunning.”

Another person agreed, saying the teenager was her mother’s “clone.” A fan of the actress understood genetics played a part in Violet looking like her mother but hilariously felt Jennifer had copied and pasted herself!

The person also thought the star’s eldest daughter was already “looking like a lovely young lady!” Someone else couldn’t believe that Violet was already 17 that year and questioned:

“Where did the time go?? She’s gorgeous.”

Another fan was as confused as the others as they couldn’t tell the two apart either! Most people might know Jennifer for her acting work, but they probably didn’t know that she always put her family first.

Why Do Jennifer’s Children Always “Win” Her over Her Work?
In 2021, Jennifer sat down for an interview where she discussed what she experienced nearly a decade ago regarding her work. The interviewer questioned her about how she handled her team, asking her if she planned on retiring.

At the time, the star debated her options after having her third child, Samuel Garner Affleck. The actress revealed she was glad to have her children but felt overwhelmed and almost couldn’t remember the first year of being with her son.

She wasn’t coping with having an infant, a toddler (Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck), and a little child. Jennifer felt other women managed well with having their third children, but she was “gobsmacked” by the amount of mothering she had to do and never thought she’d return to acting.

In a 2009 interview, the star confessed how she struggled with the feeling of needing to work but also required to be home with her children. However, in the end, “the kids win.”

One image showed her [Jennifer Garner] dressed in jean overalls, gardening gloves, and boots…

The actress even chose to stop Broadway work for movies because the working hours were more family-friendly. Jennifer explained how theater had been challenging for her family, and she couldn’t tell her children she was exhausted and asked them to wake someone else that day.

That year, her young children enjoyed her undivided attention, and their daily routine was ordinary. Some of the things she did herself were to wake the children, feed them, get Violet to school, put one of the other children down for a nap, and cook dinner.

The star said she lived under two extremes – a full-time actress or a full-time stay-at-home mother. While her life was still quite busy in 2022, Jennifer made time for herself.

How Does Jennifer Relax with Such a Busy Life?
In past Instagram posts, Jennifer revealed how she got some downtime by doing ordinary things to relax when she wasn’t mothering her offspring. The actress shared how she’d taken up gardening and showed off her greenhouse and some of her plants.

One image showed her dressed in jean overalls, gardening gloves, and boots as she got ready to till the land on National Farmer’s Day.

Jennifer also spent time cooking delicious and healthy meals in the kitchen, like pumpkin bread, as seen in the videos she shared online.

She partnered with brands like Kitchen Aid, where she promoted their products while preparing something tasty for her family. Jennifer star also enjoyed spending time in nature whenever she could.

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