Brad Pitt Turns 59 — He Decided to Put ‘Family First’ & ‘Be More’ for His Kids Whose Family Was ‘Ripped Apart’

Brad Pitt turned 59 years today, 17 of which were spent as a father, with the role changing him forever. The actor vowed to be a better person for his children because fatherhood was an action.

On December 18, 2022, Brad Pitt reached a huge milestone when he turned 59! Seventeen years of that time the actor spent being a father, as he, then 42, and Angelina Jolie adopted their first child, Zahara, in July 2005.

In January 2006, less than a year after Brad and Jennifer Aniston’s divorce was finalized, reports confirmed that he and Angelina were expecting a baby. A judge also allowed Zahara and her other adopted brother, Maddox (whom Angelina had adopted before dating Brad), to use the last name Jolie-Pitt.

Brad was 43 in 2006 when he adopted Maddox as his own, and in May that year, he and Angelina welcomed their first biological child, Shiloh, in Namibia, Africa. During his 2017 GQ interview, Brad revealed he put his “family first” before stating:

“People on their deathbeds don’t talk about what they obtained or were awarded. They talk about their loved ones or their regrets—that seems to be the menu.”

The star revealed he was saying that as someone who’d allowed his work to take him away. He noted how delicate children were, absorbing everything and needing their hands held and for things to be explained.

Brad also said they required listening to, and when he got into work mode, he wasn’t hearing them and wished to do better in that area. In 2016, Angelina filed for divorce; the following year, her children with the actor could only visit him at times.

Brad confessed that the visitations were initially uncertain, which was hard for him. Luckily, after Child Services was called because of an alleged altercation in 2016 with Maddox, the star and Angelina could work out visitation.

He said they were both doing their best, and he knew no one won in court because it’s just time to create a case where you prove the other person was wrong and you were right. The star said he refused to reach that point, and Angelina agreed.

However, the divorce proceedings were “jarring” for the children whose lives were “ripped apart.” Being a father was essential to the actor, with him revealing how he felt like the wealthiest man since taking on the role, adding:

“Being a father has changed me on so many levels and made me more generous and alive. I see my children as an essential part of my life.”

The star, a father to six children with Angelina, said he loved fatherhood and all its responsibilities. Although Brad valued his role with his children, the divorce gave him a more significant realization that concerned them.

Brad’s Desire to Be a Better Parent – Making up for Lost Time
Brad confessed that he tried showing his children that things matter and hoped they’d get that one day. He acknowledged how the world differed from his past because people were now more focused on psychology.

The star recalled how it used to be seen as a strength if you had a cut or bruise, and dealt with it and moved on. Sadly, that’s how emotions were handled too, and he was guilty of not noting his feelings.

Brad said he was good at covering them up, having grown up with a father who believed he knew best and had a war mentality. His parent taught him that a father was strong and all-powerful, and he never got to know his struggles and self-doubts, with the actor noting:

“It’s hit me smack in the face with our divorce: I gotta be more. I gotta be more for them. I have to show them. And I haven’t been great at it.”

By August 2022, Zahara, then 16, was ready to attend Spelman College in the fall. The “Bullet Train” actor revealed how he was “so proud of her” and praised her for being smart and would “flourish” more than ever.

He said it was a beautiful and exciting time for his daughter to find her path and chase after her interests. The star, who also shared Vivienne, Pax, and Knox with Angelina, couldn’t believe how fast his children had grown.

Brad even noted how it brought a tear to his eye. Something else that had him feeling emotional was Shiloh, whose dance videos had gone social media viral, with her father admitting how “beautiful” it was to see her performing.

Reiterating his words about Zahara’s college entry, the star mentioned getting teary and how he loved it when his children found their way. The proud father joked about not knowing where Shiloh learned to dance the way she did because he had two left feet but held high hopes for all his children.

Pitt’s Parenting Style and Hopes
According to a source, Brad supported his children and whatever made them happy. He didn’t stand in the way when they made decisions because he felt they were old enough to do so and encouraged them to be whoever they wished to be.

On rare occasions, the offspring were seen on the red carpet with their mother, but Brad kept things casual when they were with him. The actor preferred being low-key with the brood, and whatever they did, remained private.

In 2020, Angelina [Jolie] revealed she chose her Los Angeles home because she wanted it close to Brad [Pitt]…
The children were allegedly homebodies who had a routine in place. The star once shared how he’d always felt alone in life, whether in his childhood or adulthood, and it’s only in recent years he felt “a greater embrace” of his family and friends.

The same year and month, Brad spoke about Zahara’s college acceptance; a source claimed the situation had been sad for the actor for years. The insider said since Angelina filed for divorce, her estranged husband had been focused on having the best bond with his children.

However, things have been difficult because he sometimes had long periods of not seeing his children and missed them. Despite all this, Brad still had a positive attitude, and good things were happening for him.

The source alleged that the Oscar Award winner believed a time would come when he and his children had a good relationship. In 2020, Angelina revealed she chose her Los Angeles home because she wanted it close to Brad, who lived five minutes away, so that he could see them.

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