Despite the predictions of his ex-wife, Julia Roberts and her spouse have made it to 20 years of marriage, and they are now sending their twins to college…

It is common knowledge that Hollywood marriages are doomed to fail after a very short period of time. On the other hand, the rule may be broken under certain circumstances. Julia Roberts had a rough start when it came to romantic relationships, but she eventually turned things around for the better.

Recently, actress Julia Roberts and her husband, actor Daniel Moder, celebrated the 20th anniversary of their wedding. It is practically unheard of for a Hollywood couple to have reached the 20-year milestone in their marriage, but they are still very much in love with one another.

In honor of the event, Roberts posted a snapshot on Instagram that depicted the pair locking lips. The number twenty was written in the caption of the post using all capital letters, and there were star emojis on each side of the word.

In addition, she included hashtags in the post, which gave the impression that the pair had never ceased laughing or kissing throughout their twenty years of marriage. The message was received with heartwarming remarks from devoted followers and supportive friends.

The pair has garnered followers both in their individual capacities as actors and in their relationship as a result of the extraordinary love story that they have shared with one another and the lovely life that they have created for themselves and their children.

In the year 2000, Moder and Roberts crossed paths when Roberts was working on the set of “The Mexican,” in which she starred with Brad Pitt. Even though they are now revered as one of the couples in Hollywood with the longest track records of togetherness, their relationship started with a controversy.


When Roberts and Moder first met, she was known as “The Runaway Bride” due to the fact that she had abandoned her prior relationships before meeting Roberts and Moder. On the other hand, Roberts’ prior partnerships were not the source of the problems that plagued her marriage to Moder.

Vera Moder, who is a cosmetics artist and the ex-wife of Moder, has been quite public about how she feels about the marriage between Moder and Roberts. When Vera and Moder finally tied the knot in 2002, they had been divorced for a total of one month at that point.

Vera divulged the fact that Roberts pursued a romantic relationship with her husband while she and Moder were still married. She addressed Roberts and issued the following warning:

“Danny’s got a wandering eye… and he’s not going to change.”

Vera went so far as to refer to Roberts as a “husband stealer” due to the fact that the beginning of his connection with Roberts occurred while he was still married to his previous wife. In addition, she predicted that the couple’s marriage would not be successful and that Roberts would soon be on the market for a new partner.

In spite of the fact that Vera exerted a great deal of effort to give the impression that Roberts was to blame for the collapse of her marriage to Moder, Moder and Roberts eventually addressed the matter and said to the press that this was not the case.

Roberts acknowledged that it was convenient to point the finger at her because of the timing, but she insisted that she was not the reason why her husband filed for divorce. She said that she had no problem blaming her for the situation since she was aware of the facts.

The actress went on to explain the chain of events that occurred between the time that Moder divorced Vera and the time that he married Roberts. In her words:

“He sorted out his whole situation separate and away from me, and I straightened out my life separately and independently of him,”

Despite this, Vera did not give Moder a divorce for a good number of months because she was troubled by the bond that existed between her former spouse and Roberts. After that, Roberts responded to Vera’s subtle aggression with a piece of clothes that he was wearing.

Roberts wore a shirt that he had hand-made that said “A Low Vera” when he stepped out in the middle of the fight that was going on between Vera and Moder. Because her lover’s ex-wife had meddled in their relationship, many people interpreted that this comment was a jab at the ex-wife.

After that, Roberts went on to pay Vera in an effort to hasten the divorce proceedings. She gave out a total of $400,000 to Vera in the hopes that she would sign the divorce papers, allowing Roberts and Moder to go on with their lives.

Even after all of the arguments, warnings, and forecasts that Vera has made about the state of Moder and Roberts’ relationship, the two continue to be one of the most powerful couples in Hollywood. Roberts has often expressed her appreciation to the public for her spouse.

In 2018, Roberts said to Gwyneth Paltrow that her relationship with Moder was the most fulfilling one she’d ever had the pleasure of experiencing. She revealed that

“Getting married to Danny, it was my first, like, my life will never be the same in the most beautiful manner imaginable,” she said. “It’s impossible to put into words.”


Roberts and Moder have been married for the last twenty years, and throughout that time they have had three children. Henry, their youngest son, was born in 2007 and will age 15 in 2022. Their twins, Hazel and Phinneaus, were born in 2004. In November 2022, they will reach 18 years old.

Roberts has said that she is experiencing a range of emotions as a result of her children growing up and leaving the house, and the twins are now on their way to college. Roberts said that she did not attend college herself, therefore she expressed her happiness that her twins will have the opportunity to do so.

However, she also said that the idea of her children attending college made her feel “a bit light-headed,” but that she was curious to watch how everything was transpiring for her children since it was something that she had never experienced before.

The mother of the couple’s only child, Hazel, has referred to her daughter as a “brave” person. The act of donating her hair to Wigs for Kids when she was just twelve years old was the precipitating factor that led to the formation of this label. About Hazel, not a whole lot of more information is available.

Phinneaus, who is Hazel’s twin brother, is the more athletic of the two siblings. He is a fan of skating and surfing. Skateboard in tow, he has even been spotted out and about with his parents carrying his board around. On the other hand, it is the only thing we are aware of about the young guy.

Henry, the couple’s youngest kid, is a skating enthusiast who also has a variety of other hobbies. He is an expert at doing tricks while jumping on a trampoline and he takes part in extreme activities such as riding BMX bikes and performing stunts while riding ramps.

The parents are extremely secretive, and as a result, their children have been shielded from the scrutiny of the general public. As a result, very little information on the children is now available. Despite this, youngsters can count on their parents’ unflinching support in every activity they undertake.

Even though Moder and Roberts have a lovely connection that is loved by the general world, Roberts believes that their children are the best representation of who they are as individuals. It was mentioned by her:

“We have these three human beings that are simply a total mirror of the love that each of us has for the other,” they said.

Roberts continued by saying that her children are her greatest accomplishment in life, putting them above all of the wonderful things she has accomplished in her life and profession as a Hollywood darling. However, it is of the utmost importance to Moder and Roberts that their children be given the opportunity to maintain their anonymity.

The parents wanted their kids to have something approximating a regular existence as they grew up, so they relocated their family to San Francisco while their kids were still very small. Roberts wanted her children to develop as their own people, not as offspring of famous actors or actresses.

A friend who was close to the couple at the time said that nobody in San Francisco cared or even knew who the Moder children’s parents were, which allowed for them to have a normal childhood experience while they were growing up there.

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