An Old Irishman Rescued Two Foxes , And Now They Refuse To Leave His Side

This story speaks about an Irish animal lover called Patsy Gibbons, who is so popular among County Kilkenny’s locals as he has 2 foxes friends called Minnie and Grainne!

The 2 foxes were found when they were only a few weeks old. It was obvious that they were abandoned, so, Gibbons decided to adopt them to take care of them!

The man took care of the foxes until they were healthy enough to be released in the wild again, but the cute animals had other plans as they refused to leave Gibbons!

The Irishman, who already has 28 hens, 2 cats, 2 dogs, and 12 ducks, said that many people are now asking him about raising foxes, but he said that he is not expert enough to give them advice, and he is still learning every day! What an awesome story!

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