Baby Wolf Abandoned By Its Mom, Raised By Human Family And Acts Like A Dog

It is known that people keep animals like cats, dogs, or even birds as pets, but keeping a wolf as a pet is something very weird! That’s what this story is about! A woman called Alida found a wolf called Kira abandoned by its mama when it was only 3 days old!

So, Alida took the wolf to give her another chance in life, and decided to raise and train her. Alida knew that it was a hard mission to domesticate a wolf, but she had to do what she could. She also helped Kira to be more socialized by meeting other animals, adults, and children.

Thankfully, Kira became domesticated at the end! Alida said that she had done a hard job with Kira, who was adopted when she was just 28 days old, to make her domesticated and socialized by going to different places, walking, and meeting people. She also added that people always take photos of Kira when they see her as they are fascinated! How great!

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