Dog Tracks Down Her Owner Mom At Walmart After Being Missing For Three Weeks

This story shows us that digs are one of the smartest creatures on earth. Abby, a 4-year-old dog of June Rountree, went missing on Nov, 8, from her backyard. Her husband and she spent many hours searching for their dog, but to no avail.

3 weeks later, Danielle Robinette who works with Rountree at Walmart in Dothan, Alabama, told Rountree that she saw a dog with no service vest or collar roaming in front of the store searching for someone.

Rountree thought that it would be her dog, so, she went to check and was completely in tears after Abby ran towards her and started kissing and hugging her. Rountree said that Abby, who is 1 year old, meant everything to her since she adopted her from streets! What an emotional reunion!

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