A shy 6-year-old girl gazes soulfully into the judges’ eyes and sings a song they will never forget…

After a recent episode of The Voice France, the adage “Children should be seen and not heard” became a little less relevant. Children should sing a little more, this should be the new adage.

That’s the impression fans had after listening to Gloria, a six-year-old, sing “La Vie en Rose.” The English title of the song, “Life of Pink,” was made popular by iconic French singer Edith Piaf.

Gloria didn’t have the experience of a Piaf in her peak, but she still performed admirably. Gloria appeared to be really anxious at first, but she soon got used to performing in front of the three judges and the large studio audience. All individuals who were listening were immediately mesmerized by her interpretation of the song.

While Gloria sang, the judges chanted in silence. One judge even reached inside her own heart to express how moved she was by the song. Young Gloria received a standing ovation from the studio audience once the song ended.

We can only speculate about the crowd witnessing the performance on television’s entire response. Gloria performed an excellent job! Gloria might appear once more on The Voice France for TV viewers. The producers would undoubtedly bring her back if she turns out to be a big hit.

Will Gloria have a successful career after this? It very well may be. She might someday become as well-known as Piaf if she manages to keep audiences spellbound.

Watch little girl’s amazing performance here:

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