Even though Kevin Costner is famous, he is very protective of the bond he has with his children as he raises them to be normal

Being an A-list celebrity may make it tough to raise children away from the spotlight and therefore provide them with a regular upbringing, but that is not an issue for Kevin Costner.

The “Yellowstone” actor is a devoted husband to his wife and a loving father to seven children, all of whom he reared as normal children. Kevin, an actor, musician, and producer, had his first child, Annie, about four decades ago with his ex-wife, Cindy Silva. The ex-couple went on to have a daughter, Lily, and a son, Joe.

Liam, his fourth child and second son, was born to him and Bridget Rooney. The Oscar winner married again in 2004—this time to designer Christine Baumgartner. Following their marriage, they added three children to their family: Cayden Wyatt, Logan Hayes, and Grace Avery.

Interestingly, Kevin’s huge and active family has never served as an excuse for him to step away from parenting. The actor is close to all of his children and reportedly told People:

“I’m completely at ease with my family.” I’m really comfortable with my children. Our home is like a river: you simply have to get into the flow… “And whatever you expected it to be, it may still be, but it will have to fit with what the day delivers.”

This comfort has come at the expense of sacrifices and time spent rearing his family. Kevin has always been devoted to bringing out the best in his children by establishing the correct principles, but he does not claim to be a perfect father.

Nonetheless, he gets to spend time with his family during a work break. The “Untouchables” actor stated that most people have no idea how his family operates. When he is not in front of the camera, he spends time with his wife and children.

At the same time, the little Costners have recognized their father’s influence on their lives. Fans regard him as a caring parent worthy of imitation, despite the fact that he is an award-winning movie celebrity.

Annie, his eldest child, was born in 1984 and inherited his talent for acting. She co-starred with her father as Christine in the Oscar-winning film “Dances With Wolves

Among her other acting credits, which include “The Postman” and “The Baby-Sitters Club,” she emphasized her producer skills in 2014 after launching Sound Off Films, which led her to work with the industry’s best.

Annie is also a happily married woman, having married Dr. Danny Cox in 2016. The actress and doctor tied the knot at her father’s private residence in Carpinteria, California.

Lily, like her sister, is an experienced actress with a sweet singing voice. Despite riding solo, Lily has collaborated with Kevin on a number of projects, both on screen and with his band, Kevin Costner & Modern West.

Kevin’s first son, Joe, began his profession as an actor after working closely with his father and elder sisters. Despite his talent for performing and singing, Joe chose to work behind the scenes. He is a production sound mixer and audio engineer.

Having a different job has not deprived him of his celebrity father’s support. Kevin praised his son’s work ethic and how he surrounds himself with nice companions a few years ago. Liam, the actor’s second son, likes a life away from the spotlight and has successfully maintained a low-profile attitude for many years.

His younger half-siblings, on the other hand, have been seen countless times with their father at red-carpet events but have yet to distinguish themselves as actors or singers.

Cayden, the eldest son of Kevin and Baumgartner, is interested in music and has supportive parents. Though the actor was apprehensive about restarting parenting at 50, he decided to give it a chance and has not looked back since.

Hayden Logan, the couple’s second son, was born two years later and grew up loving sports and participating in minor league games. Grave Avery, the family’s youngest kid, is a typical feminine girl. Unlike her brothers, she enjoys dancing and sewing. She is, nevertheless, perceptive.

From a young age, she was aware of her father’s need to change his appearance for roles.During an interview with Today, he revealed:

“If I get home and Gracie looks at me and then at Mom and says, “Daddy’s been fighting again, huh?”

Previously, the “Waterworld” star admitted that he feels at ease at home with his family and does not consider himself a great father. But he has been extremely deliberate in raising them.

Kevin was looking forward to forging an unbreakable bond with his mini-me. He was closer to his daughters than his boys, and one of the ways the girls demonstrated their affection for him was by periodically preparing him sandwiches.

Most of Kevin’s actions and worldview have been impacted by his responsibilities as a father. As he grew older, he desired to spend more time with his children and live on Earth indefinitely.

But that doesn’t mean he didn’t bond with his boys; he sees himself as a provider in all aspects and has recognized that the world doesn’t revolve around him.

While enjoying the companionship of all his children, he encouraged them to be self-sufficient, raising them with a sense of normalcy despite his popularity. Kevin instilled in them the importance of “working hard and standing on their own two feet.”

His main worry about parenthood was when he started greeting the younger children. He had a heart-to-heart with his elder siblings and made certain that there was no jealousy.

As an older dad with adult and adolescent children, he was conscious that his younger children might not have him as long as the older ones. So he devoted himself to being there for his second family, Baumgartner.

He has fortunately avoided having spoilt and entitled children, and all they want is for him to continue to be their financial and emotional caregiver. He visits them in various places, including his ranch in Colorado. When asked about the differences in rearing them, he stated:

“There isn’t much of a difference.” You adore them. “They still demand money and other things.”

Kevin has eagerly assumed his fatherly obligations since the birth of his first child, Annie, and despite the fact that it is his longest duty, he is still proud of it. While he has a good job, he has been focused on raising his children, a sacrifice he plans to continue for the rest of his life. “You never stop parenting kids,” he says.

Most of Kevin’s actions and worldview have been impacted by his responsibilities as a father. As he grew older, he desired to spend more time with his children and live on Earth indefinitely. He stated:

“I wish I could live forever. That is how much I like life. I enjoy myself on Earth. I want to spend as much time as possible on this planet.

Kevin’s life has not been easy, as he dealt with a failed marriage and later got devoted to parenting younger children. Nonetheless, he feels fortunate to have a lovely family that surrounds him with love and pleasure!

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