At the age of 72, Bruce Springsteen became a grandfather for the first time when his son, a fireman, welcomed a cute little girl named Lily…

Early in his life, Bruce Springsteen was able to achieve success in the music industry. He released hit songs such as “Born to Run” and “My Hometown,” which catapulted him to the forefront of popularity. He was one of the best-selling music artists in the history of the industry, having sold over 150 million albums all over the globe.

However, he was not as fortunate in his romantic relationships, and the road to genuine happiness has been rocky for him. He freely says that it took him being married to a gorgeous young blonde before he understood that the lady he performed on stage with every night was the one for whom his heart really beat.

Julianne Phillips, a former model from the Pacific Northwest who later became an actress, was the first woman that the “High Hopes” singer married. The then 24-year-old was described as a nice, smart, well-educated, and beautiful blonde by him at the time.

On May 13, 1985, they were married at the Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church in Lake Oswego, Oregon. The ceremony took place just after midnight. Despite the fact that it may have a more romantic ring to it, the reality was very different.

Shortly after his wedding, Springsteen reported the beginning of a period during which he was experiencing significant anxiety episodes. The fact that he had been scared of commitment for years was something that he had not shared with his new spouse since he did not want to frighten her away.

That was simply a small portion of the issue. The amount of traveling that Springsteen did started to put a strain on the marriage, but there was more going on than he let on. Patti Scialfa was the singer’s bandmate, and they had shared the stage together for a number of years, but there was no romantic connection between the two of them.

Springsteen, however, started looking at Scialfa through a new lens not long after he married Phillips, and all of a sudden, he discovered that he was drawn to her. This occurred after Springsteen had been married to Phillips for a time. In 1988, as he was on his “Tunnel of Love” tour, they both found themselves falling in love.

They began an affair, but it would not be hidden for long since a photographer saw them making out on a balcony at the Rome Hilton while Springsteen was naked and wearing just his underpants. The news spread quickly.

A week later, the two were seen spending a lot of time together, including going to the gym and eating early morning meals together. It was speculated that they were dating. One of the gym members revealed:

They were clearly a “couple,” as shown by the fact that they were laughing and joking with one another.

Springsteen and Phillips divorced in 1988, but the fact that they had done so was kept a secret from the general public since it had become clear that Springsteen’s love interest had switched. Not long after that, he moved in with Scialfa permanently.

On August 30, 1988, Phillips filed a petition for divorce in Los Angeles, stating that the couple could not resolve their disagreements. According to Springsteen’s own admission, he embarrassed Phillips and did not manage their breakup as professionally as he should have, and he added:

“I failed miserably in how I dealt with Julie and my split. I made a difficult situation much more devastating than it needed to be.”

Prior to being married on June 8, 1991, on the grounds of their shared Beverly Hills residence, Scialfa and Springsteen had their first child together, a boy named Evan James, in the year 1990.

They had their second child, a girl named Jessica Rae, in the same year that they tied the knot. After another three years, on January 5, 1994, they had their third child, a boy named Sam Ryan. This brought their little family to its current size.

The singer’s life was turned upside down when he became a father, and he gradually realized what it meant to be a man after that experience. After having achieved success as a musician for some time, he made spending time with his family a top priority.

Springsteen also commended his wife for “giving” tons of love to their marriage and for being steady and sturdy enough to support him through some of the most dismal occasions in his life.

When Scialfa thought back to the beginning of her connection with Springsteen, she remembered being so deeply invested in it that she did not believe it would be huge news at the time. Despite this, it was difficult to maintain a low profile when the news of their romance became public. She revealed that

“I was simply trying to get through that challenging time as gently as I possibly could, so I was being extremely protective of both myself and my relationship,” she said.

It has been more than three decades since the sweethearts made their way down the aisle to exchange vows. They have done an excellent job of parenting their children, all of whom are now adults and have prosperous, independent lives and occupations.

After spending so much time together, Springsteen was left with nothing but kind and admiring things to say about his wife. He claims that she has been the guiding force and motivation in his life during their whole relationship.

They continue to be smitten with one another, both on stage and at home, and they do not hesitate to express admiration for one another. Scialfa claims that they often make their children uncomfortable with their incessant shows of love and kissing.

Evan Springsteen, the first son of Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa, has followed in his famous parents’ footsteps, as is typical of many famous offspring. Because of his enthusiasm for singing and performing, he has shared the stage alongside his father on occasion to do so.

Despite this, Springsteen said that his children had absolutely no interest in the musical style of their parents and instead looked up to other musicians while they were growing up. Today, Evan prefers to maintain a low profile and only infrequently makes an appearance on the red carpet or in the social media posts of his parents.

Jessica Rae, who was born on December 30th, 1991, inherited her father’s determination. She has established herself as “one of the top U.S. equestrian riders on the circuit” thanks to her distinguished career as an equestrian, which has brought her much professional fulfillment.

Sam Springsteen, Springsteen’s youngest kid, has a deep interest in the field of firefighting. In the year 2020, Sam’s oath of office as a fireman for the municipality of Jersey City was administered, and his ecstatic parents attended the ceremony in the first row of the New Jersey City Hall.

Springsteen and Scialfa celebrated another important milestone in 2022, despite the fact that they are extraordinarily proud of their children. They are the most recent grandparents to move into the area.

After Sam and his fiancée gave birth to their daughter, Lily Harper Springsteen, people began to refer to them in a more affectionate manner. This helped them acquire the moniker. Scialfa shared their joy over the wonderful news by posting a picture on Instagram of them walking with their newborn child while holding hands.

Soon after the baby was born, she also posted a snapshot of the adorable new addition to the family on social media. Alongside the photographs, she wrote the following: “Taking the infant for a stroll Lily Harper Springsteen ”

As the tiny girl made her major Instagram debut, she was adorable with a pair of pink gloves and a hat that matched each other. This is Springsteen’s first granddaughter, and her name is Lily.

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