Barbra Streisand couldn’t hide her feelings when she receive a bracelet with her new title on it…

EGOT awardee As a mother, stepmother, and grandmother, Barbra Streisand is kind and caring. She had a big impact on her stepson’s life, and now he and his wife both admire her.

In the 1990s, Barbra Streisand first met James Brolin, who would become her second husband. On July 1, 1996, the pair embarked on their first date, which turned out better than they had anticipated.

They conversed till three in the morning, debating whether or not to lock lips. Later on, Streisand acknowledged that it took her several months to decide whether Brolin was “the one.”

They only communicated by phone during that time because he was in Ireland directing “My Brother’s War.” That didn’t stop the couple’s plans, though, as Brolin moved in with Streisand in November of the same year.

On July 1, 1998, the couple exchanged vows at the actress’s Malibu, California, house. The second anniversary of their initial date was chosen as the wedding date.

Streisand took on the role of stepmother to her husband’s three children when they got married: Josh, a son, and Jess and Molly, daughters, from his two previous marriages.

Josh and Jess are shared by Brolin and his ex-first wife, the actress Jane Cameron Agee, with whom he was wed from 1966 to 1984. With his second wife, actress Jan Smithers, whom he married in 1986 but later divorced in 1995, he had his daughter Molly.

Despite the fact that they were both well-known, Streisand and the two-time Golden Globe winner chose to give Josh, who is also an actor, and his siblings a typical childhood.

Josh was open and honest about the incident in a Bang interview, saying that because he had a private existence for the majority of his youth, the paparazzi did not follow him about until he was a teenager:

“My profile has only recently risen. However, a crowd is not pursuing me. Since our closest neighbor was a mile away, as kids, we were cut off from the fame. I didn’t become aware of my dad’s prominence until I moved away.”

Josh is currently a father to four children, and his stepmother, who also has a son named Jason from her first marriage to actor Elliott Gould, couldn’t be more thrilled to be a grandmother. In June 2018, Josh made an appearance on “SiriusXM,” where he spoke about his and Kathryn Boyd Brolin’s third kid, who was still in the womb.

Josh responded that his adored stepmom was most thrilled about her then-unborn grandchild when asked if his dad and Streisand were looking forward to having another grandchild:

She broke down when my wife gave her a bracelet with the word “grandma” on it.

He revealed that Streisand regularly emailed him and Kathryn to ask their thoughts on certain potential baby names. She also inquired as to when she may visit the couple’s home to examine Kathryn’s growing belly:

“She is quite interested in it, which I adore. It resembles a traditional Jewish grandmother who has been overwhelmed by the situation. It’s fantastic.”

Josh is the father of two elder children, Westlyn and Chapel, as well as a daughter, Eden, and two tiny daughters, Westlyn and Trevor. Streisand has a close relationship with the elder siblings in addition to relating with Westlyn the most and treating her and her younger sister lavishly. reports that the New Yorker once revealed specifics about spending time with the older children. She once postponed all of her appointments so that she could spend time with Eden, her adult grandchild.

Eden and her brother Trevor decided to follow in their parents’ footsteps and become actors. Josh and the actress Alice Adair are parents to two adult children.

Their June 1988-born son Trevor is an actor and producer best known for his work on the 2011 films “All Kids Count,” “Felt,” and “X.” (2008).

Their actress daughter Eden was born in 1994, and she is best known for her roles as Mia in the Neo-Western drama series “Yellowstone” and Charlie Singer in the TV series “Beyond.”

Additionally, Josh and Kathryn’s house is not too distant from Streisand and Brolin’s residence, making them almost neighbors. Brolin and Streisand are frequently visited by Kathryn and Josh.

Streisand’s husband attested to her unending love for her grandchildren. According to a statement made by Brolin, his wife enjoyed shopping for their grandchildren and was happy to treat them whenever possible.

Josh and Kathryn then lavish Streisand with affection in return. We love you, Gamma and Grandpa, Streisand wrote beside a picture of her daughter-in-law in April 2020. The continuing COVID-19 epidemic was present when the photo was taken.

The “Funny Girl” actress gushed about how much she cherished the flowers and the gesture. “When Josh and Kathryn visited us yesterday with our young grandson Westlyn, they painted a sign that I really adore! P.S. All of the flowers on our wishing well are now blooming; we sincerely hope that everyone stays healthy “the star penned.

Streisand and Josh posed for a picture in May 2019 while leaning in for a kiss, and she captioned the post: “I appreciate the lovely Mother’s Day note, honey. Josh is my younger son “along with a love emoji.

The filmmaker is quite close with her stepson, and their affectionate interactions on social media are proof of this. Josh’s accomplishments are also supported by Streisand, who finds time to personally help him.

In 2010, Josh was escorted by the seasoned Hollywood actress and her spouse to the “Jonah Hex” screening, and they photographed the memorable moments together. Eight years later, she attended the “Sicario: Day of the Soldado” premiere, which was directed by her stepson.

Josh and his wife visited Streisand and Brolin at their home in 2020 after being separated from them for months due to COVID-19, which caused many people to lose contact with their loved ones.

The “Avenger: Endgame” star posted a touching photo of his family on social media because he was so happy to finally see his parents again. Fans could not stop ogling the aforementioned photograph.

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