This Very Adorable Puppy Is Given the name Pistachio By His Owners Because He Was Born With Green Fur…

In nature, there are no rules. It’s undeniably true. There are plenty of creatures whose characteristics can cause the world to tremble.

This story’s gorgeous newborn puppy is an excellent example. Because he was born with green fur, his owners named him Pistachio right away. Keep on reading!

Cristian Mallocci, an Italian farmer, recently welcomed 5 baby puppies into his home. They were born on a farm in Sardinia, a Mediterranean island.

Pistachio’s siblings each had white fur, but the cutie had a distinctive coat – green fur. Pistachio’s name reflects this. Isn’t it accurate?

The green fluffy boy will be kept on his farm for this. Meanwhile, his brothers and sisters will be relocating. Pistachio, together with his mother, will be taught how to care for the sheep on the farm.

There are two possible explanations for Pistachio’s green fur. When a doggie with light-colored fur gets stained by “meconium” in the mother’s womb—the first feces generated by a young animal—the fur turns green. It could also be caused by biliverdin, a green pigment found in the mother’s womb.

It’s worth noting that puppies’ green fur, such as Pistachio’s, won’t persist forever. It will diminish until it is completely gone. However, this has no effect on the animal. He’s still as cute, smart, and friendly as ever.

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