A man rushes to save 2 little puppies he sees abandoned in the middle of the highway… Then…

While his workplace was closed for the holidays, Jordan Kahana, 30, made the decision to go on the 12-day excursion. Before coming back to California, he planned to travel to three states.

He came across two abandoned pups on the side of the road who were in need of assistance on the second day of the trek.

He made the decision to pick them up and transport them to the closest veterinary facility since he couldn’t leave them on that empty road.

Jordan learned that the pups were a Border Collie mix at the clinic. Dehydration was also discovered in the infants.

The man made the decision to take the puppies on his vacation after realizing that he could not leave them to their destiny.

The puppies visited several national parks and three states during the course of these 12 days.

Sedona and Zeus were Jordan’s pet dogs’ names…

Although these two puppies, according to the man, are total opposites of one another, they are inextricably linked.

Jordan has been inseparable with the puppies since Jordan adopted them in 2016. His group was known as the Adventure Squad.

They traveled to 37 different states during this time, and Jordan can no longer picture himself alone.

He claims that they have improved the quality of his life. He had intended to travel alone, but what he had in mind was a memorable journey.

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