Everyone was holding their breath to see if the little girl can perform one of the most difficult songs ever…

Despite being young, Amira Willighagen is already a prodigy. When it comes to singing, this young lady is said to have the voice of an actual angel. She is incredibly talented!

She has used her skills to raise money to build playgrounds for kids in poor communities. When her parents questioned her about what would make her the happiest, she replied that helping kids like herself so they can play carefree would make all of her hardships and sufferings worthwhile.

Amira Willighagen, a native of Holland, competed in the final round of Holland’s Got Talent. She chose to perform a song from the opera Turandot, which was composed by renowned opera composer Puccini. The story revolves around a cruel and dictatorial Chinese princess and their sad romance. Any young man who was enamored by her beauty was forced to solve three riddles; her cruelty knew no bounds. If any of these questions were not appropriately answered, the prospective groom was immediately decapitated without a hearing.

Eventually, a prince by the name of Calaf made his way to her realm. The evil Chinese princess falls in love with him in a breathtaking role-reversal! The prince Calaf is actually giving himself a pep talk in the tune Nessun Dorma to boost his self-confidence in his ability to obtain Turandot’s hand in marriage. Unfortunately, things don’t always turn out as expected, and the story effectively illustrates the proverbial “only fools fall in love” statement.

It wouldn’t be wrong to wonder how a young, impressionable girl could manage to portray the unadulterated heart and spirit of such a love story. Earlier, Amira Willighagen dazzled the panel of judges with a different Puccini composition that had already made her a viral star in her native Holland. Therefore, everyone watching anticipated that she would advance to the final round.

Amira entered the stage wearing a straightforward white dress and skirt. She was adorned with a variety of golden bangles and accessories, including a necklace chosen especially to symbolize the play’s emotional theming. The light shined down upon her and reflected off of her neatly curled golden locks, with a neighboring choir in darkness set to accompany her as a backup group. She would not let this opportunity pass up because she could clearly see the weight of how important such a performance was. She took a moment to gather herself before closing her eyes and starting to sing in a way that had never been experienced before by either the judges or the audience. Even others who had seen prior episodes were astonished by how much talent she displayed that evening.

Amira Willighagen earned the top award when the audience chose her as the winner, which did not surprise the audience or those who are aware of her actual skill. The applause was as thunderous and prolonged as Amira’s voice for a number of minutes. Even the supporting choir struggled to keep up with her brilliant performance and was left speechless.

She founded a nonprofit organization with the money she received as a reward, and she used half of the award to fund the construction of parks. These parks, known as “Amira Parks,” are designed to be constructed internationally in economically vulnerable locations for kids who might not otherwise have the dream of having a local park in their community.

More than 10 million people had seen Amira’s performance at the grand finale. She intends to keep giving performances under her parents’ sponsorship for many years to come.

Watch her amazing performance here:

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