During her last television outing, which took place at the Golden Globes shortly before her passing, Lisa Marie Presley said that she was “very happy.” Find out more below…

The only child of Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley, made her farewell public appearance at the 80th Golden Globe Awards on Tuesday, only days before she had a probable heart attack and passed away on Thursday. Lisa Marie Presley was the only child of Elvis Presley.

Austin Butler was awarded the award for best actor in a drama that evening for his performance as Elvis in the film based on the same name directed by Baz Luhrmann. Lisa Marie, who is now 54 years old, and her mother Priscilla Presley were in attendance at the show to show their support for Austin Butler.

Both Lisa Marie and Butler gave off the impression that they were delighted to see one other; she clung to Butler’s arm as they walked and he paid careful attention to her.

Lisa Marie responded with a grin and the words “I’m very thrilled” when asked how she was feeling after being congratulated by PEOPLE on Butler’s triumph and asked how she was feeling personally.

In his acceptance speech for the prize, Butler made many references to the Presley family, thanking them “for giving your hearts, your memories, and your house to me.”

On Thursday, Lisa Marie was taken to the hospital in critical condition, and she passed away later that same day. In a statement to PEOPLE, Priscilla stated, “It is with a sad heart that I must convey the tragic news that my lovely daughter Lisa Marie has left us.” Priscilla’s daughter Lisa Marie passed away.

Priscilla said, “She was the most loving, passionate, and powerful woman I have ever known. I will never forget her. As we struggle to come to terms with the magnitude of this loss, we respectfully request privacy. I am grateful for the love and prayers that have been sent. There are going to be no additional comments made at this time.”

In her speech to the guests at a reception held in honor of the Elvis film the weekend before the Golden Globes (on Sunday, January 8, Elvis’ birthday), Lisa Marie said that her father would be pleased with the picture.

“The impact that this movie has had, together with what Baz and Austin have accomplished, has left me in a state of complete awe. My pride is over the roof, and I have no doubt that my dad feels the same way about me… I can’t express how grateful I am, so please accept my thanks “she said in front of the group.

After her passing, other famous people sent their respects to Lisa Marie, including John Travolta, who wrote, “Lisa sweet daughter, I’m very sad. I’m going to miss you, but I know that we’ll cross paths again in the future. My thoughts and prayers are with Riley, Priscilla, Harper, and Finley at this difficult time.”

Benjamin Keough, Lisa Marie’s son, committed himself when he was 27 years old in the year 2020. Benjamin was also Lisa Marie’s son.

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