Critics have referred to Whoopi Goldberg’s age of 67 as “ancient,” and they say that she laughs off her “swollen feet” and proudly displays her gray hair… Find out more below…

Whoopi Goldberg’s duties as a mother, grandmother, and even great-grandmother have been, and continue to be, the most important aspects of her life. Her acting career in Hollywood has given her a lot of fortune, but the happiness and fulfillment of her family are what she is most proud of.

Goldberg, who is now 67 years old, makes no effort to hide her age and does not look concerned by the fact that it is often brought up in conversation. The fact that some people have ideas about her age and look has not prevented her from making other people happy and making them laugh.
Goldberg is not used to receiving negative feedback. At the beginning of her career, she encountered resistance from others who passed judgment on her based on her looks, namely her hair.

She alleged that previous producers would tangle their fingers in her hair and ask her in a condescending manner what they could do with it. As a consequence of her annoyance, she would grab one of their hands and demand to know why they continued to mess with her hair. This would cause them to stop.

Even though Goldberg had only been defending herself from being judged, she immediately understood that the acts she had taken had caused others to become angry, which in turn caused her to feel unhappy.

She counted herself really fortunate to have someone to help her through challenging times. She said that the late actor Sidney Poitier, who was one of the few African Americans to achieve success in Hollywood during the 1960s, was someone who she looked up to and often sought counsel from.

In addition to having a long and fruitful career in the entertainment business spanning numerous decades, Goldberg is a dedicated mom, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Her commitment to her family extends to all three generations.

In addition to having a long and fruitful career in the entertainment business spanning numerous decades, Goldberg is a dedicated mom, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Her commitment to her family extends to all three generations.


Goldberg has confessed that, despite the fact that she has been married more than once, she has never really loved any of her spouses and that the main reason she married any of them was that she believed it would make her life “far more regular.”

It was disclosed by Goldberg that she has a stronger commitment to her family. She feels that being in love with one’s spouse and having a strong devotion to that person are necessary components of a healthy marriage, but she came to this conclusion much too late with each of her previous spouses.

However, she has realized that in order for a marriage to be successful, both partners need to be ready to make a genuine commitment to one another and to work together to solve difficulties. She went on to say that

“There is not a compelling argument in favor of getting married. You need to have a genuine desire to share your life with another person through the highs and lows. And I — I’ve just recently realized it wasn’t going to work for me.”

In spite of the fact that her marriage did not turn out the way she had hoped, the well-known actress is still a powerful and self-reliant lady who has had a huge influence on the globe.

Goldberg maintains his composure in the face of criticism and acknowledges the many positive aspects of being older. She is proud to be 67 years old and refuses to allow the negativity she receives online to pull her down. She wears her age like a badge of pride.

Goldberg exhibits a gracious acceptance of the passage of time, but she is not bashful about sharing her humor and her experience of the benefits and difficulties of advancing in years. She made fun of herself in a video posted on YouTube by referring to herself as a “Lil’ old woman.”

She revealed that one of the obvious indicators that she is getting older is that she has “swollen feet.” This is one of the unmistakable signs that she is getting older. She is able to take care of her domestic pets, including her dogs and cats, as well as her great-grandchildren, despite her advanced age.


In addition, on an episode of “The View,” the veteran actress discussed how she feels about her thinning hair. She divulged to her fellow presenters the fact that she now has a few strands of gray hair mixed in with the majority of her formerly jet-black hair.

She does not feel the need to hide her gray hairs and instead chooses to embrace them and let them to continue to grow out. According to her, the graying of her hair was not noticeable since she pulls her hair back so often that it covers her face.

Goldberg’s sense of style has evolved over the years, which has allowed her to age beautifully without being subjected to the scrutiny of the general public. This is an opportunity that many other performers in Hollywood do not have, therefore Goldberg is fortunate to have had it. She fessed up to it:

“I did not struggle with the same challenges that gorgeous actresses do. There is no need for me to be concerned about it. My belongings are going to droop and tumble, but it won’t affect me in the least. My chest will expand or contract as it normally would. I am free to mature in the manner that I want.”

Goldberg and her co-author M.E. Hecht have just published a self-help book under the title “Two Old Broads.” This book takes a funny approach to the process of becoming older. The reader is encouraged to accept their age, not apologize for who they are, and maintain their self-assurance throughout the reading of the book.


According to Goldberg, the book also praises the concept that older people may and should have a satisfying and active sex life despite the stigmas that exist in society. This notion is presented in a positive light throughout the text.

She went on to say that the message of the book is also for anybody who is sick of being told what they should be and that it encourages readers to laugh and enjoy themselves while still being open to various parts of life.

Goldberg is at peace with the process of aging and delighted with her current position. On the other hand, her upbeat perspective is not shared by everyone, especially those who utilize social media.

This was proved by the comments that were made by other users on an Instagram video that she uploaded in June 2022 about an event in New York City called the Italy Run. A user on the website commented on how “aged” she seemed.

Goldberg has maintained her position as a positive and prominent force in the entertainment business and beyond, despite the difficulties she has faced in her life and profession.

The famous comedian is a remarkable illustration of the force of perseverance, drive, and the ability to find pleasure and laughter in spite of one’s circumstances.

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