Winnie, The Cocker Spaniel With the Most Beautiful Eyes in the World

Almost human eyes! Just one look into those beautiful eyes and you are in love.❤️ She is so adorable! ?❤️

Absolutely beautiful.
What eyes!!!!! Very special and unique. ???

Winnie the Cocker Spaniel has some incredibly gorgeous eyes – they’ve already mesmerized plenty of people.
This gorgeous dog has been compared to having eyes like a Disney princess, and we totally get the resemblance.

Gorgeous gorgeous girl!! She definitely looks like a Disney pup so so cute!! ?❤️

What a gorgeous little sweetheart!! Beautiful blue eyes!!??? You are a gorgeous baby girl & I love you already ?❤️????

She’s so sweet and adorable lovely blue eyes…! Stunning so beautiful love the eye lashes?

She does have very soulful eyes what a sweetheart ?????

She is so gorgeous and those eyes are just unbelievable.????

God bless her with a happy, healthy eyes and babies like her!!???

Here is the video of the cutiness:

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