Jenna Bush Hager Calls It “Incredible Gift” To See Barbara’s Dreams Of Motherhood Fulfilled

Empathy can be a remarkable feeling, amplifying and spreading the joy of one to many. For Jenna Bush Hager, seeing her sister Barbara Bush Pierce start her own journey into parenthood has brought Jenna great happiness. The result has been a close-knit family with a lot to celebrate.

Jenna discussed her family in an interview with PEOPLE that covers her partnership with Dawn, which saw Jenna write a children’s book, The Wonderful World of Blue. Seeing her sister become a mother is especially exciting because infertility runs in their family, traced back to their parents former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush. So, seeing their worries dispelled has been a gift for everyone.

Jenna Bush Hager is happy for Barbara Bush Pierce becoming a mother

“I think watching somebody you love become a mom,” mused Jenna, “watching [Barbara] have her dreams come true has been this incredible gift.” When Jenna embarked on her own third pregnancy, she and her family had worried about Barbara, who herself had been newly married at the time and might encounter infertility problems.

But in the end, Barbara and husband Craig Coyne welcomed daughter Cora into the world in September 2021. Parenthood suits Barbara, says Jenna, revealing, “She loves being a mom — it’s just the most natural, wonderful thing for her.” Barbara and Craig haven’t been the only ones overjoyed by Cora, as Jenna admits, “I’ve loved it. I love being an aunt. I love that little baby pumpkin.”

Barbara and Jenna aren’t the only ones happy about the growing family

That’s right, Cora recently celebrated her very first birthday! Already? Time certainly flies too fast when they’re this little and adorable. But Barbara, Jenna, and their respective families have been making the most of it with gusto. “We just got to celebrate her and it’s so fun because they’re so close in age,” shared Jenna. Indeed, it helps that her own kids are so young as well, with Hal, her youngest, being just 2, while Margaret is 9 and Poppy 6. Jenna shares these three with Henry Chase Hager, who she married back in 2008.

The kids have welcomed their new cousin into the fold readily as well, with Hal naming every doll in Cora’s playhouse, leading Jenna to feel, “He didn’t have a baby — his baby is his little cousin. It’s the most fun to witness.” The kids are a big driving force behind Jenna’s partnership with Dawn, which is involved in protecting wildlife around the world; Jenna wants her kids to support important causes as well and understand the importance and beauty of Earth, which resulted in her informative and celebratory book, The Wonderful World of Blue.

Congratulations to the happy family!

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