Sweet Pitbull Gives His Little House To A Pregnant Stray Cat!

Pit Bulls are so loving toward other animals and families ❤

Pitbull is considered “ and dan.ger.ous” dog. The sweet thing this Pitbull does, however, brilliantly disproves that argument.

This Pitbull dog named Hades lives in Mexico with his owner, Juan José P. Flores. Contrary to his [fie.rce] face and name like he just came out of [he.ll], Hades has a warm heart and a lovely personality. Hades wanted to prove that any species deserves to be loved, and be recognized for the good in their hearts, not by their looks.

Flores discovers that there is a feral cat that hangs around his house every day. To make sure she doesn’t go hungry, Flores puts a plate of food in front of the house for her, since he can never get close to her. Hades always noticed that good deed. He quickly performs an act of love in his way.

One day, Flores heard a noise at the back door. Hades is trying to inform his owner of something great, as he looks so excited and proud. It was not difficult for Flores to realize that someone was in Hades’ house. This adorable Pitbull keeps wagging his tail as if to brag that he invited this pregnant stray cat into the house.

As it turns out, this shy stray cat is about to give birth, and Hades knows the right place. Then Hades pulled a blanket into the small house for the cat and sat outside the door to keep watch. Hades stayed close to the cat and cared for her tenderly during her sensitive time when she gave birth. The birth of two beautiful kittens in a cozy home is what the mother cat couldn’t be happier about.

Hades was there to welcome them. For Hades to take better care of the cat, Flores adopted the mother cat and called her Nicol. Flores said the cat and his dog spent a lot of time together and took care of the kittens together.

The kittens will soon have a new family that will love them. As for Nicol, she will also be happy with Flores and the good dog Hades. Hades’ kindness changed our minds about his race. Love all the dogs and cats because they are kind angels!

What a precious dog that is to do something like this for that cat and her new babies. You are a good boy. Sending hugs and kisses your way ????❤

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