Even though she lost custody of her adopted son, Sharon Stone spent time with him at her Sea Cliff homes.

Sharon Stone came to popularity in Hollywood as a villainess and a woman of mystery in films and television. She has a passion for gorgeous homes, in addition to her exceptional beauty and talent. We take a peek at the stunning locations where the actress has lived.

After her divorce from Michael Greenburg in 1987, the ‘Catwoman’ actress married Phil Bronstein, a San Francisco newspaper editor. They bought and moved into their mid-century San Francisco residence together.

Stone, like most women, desired children, and she and her husband began trying for one soon after their marriage. Even while they tried to conceive naturally, they looked into alternative options and had even contacted an attorney to assist them with the adoption process.

The actress had previously experienced a miscarriage due to lupus-related rheumatoid problems, and with Bronstein, she had two more, both lost at five months. Her last one, though, was the most scary, but it had a silver lining. She remembered:

‘I went into 36 hours of labor the last time I lost a kid. Our adoption counsel called while we were in the hospital.’

On their way home, the couple answered the phone and learned that they had been approved to adopt a baby boy in a few weeks. She heard on the phone as their baby was born a month and a half later. She said to Vogue:

‘It felt like God was throwing a lifeboat into me.’

Roan Joseph Bronstein was his name, and she was amazed in the moment when she saw him. Despite her inability to produce children naturally, the «Lovelace» actress became a mother.


Roan was welcomed into the world not only by his adoptive parents’ loving arms, but also by a stunning cliff-top San Francisco residence.

The house, built in the early 1900s, is 8,500 square feet and stands on a cliff overlooking Baker Beach. The Marin Headlands, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Pacific Ocean are all viewable from here.

The seven-bedroom U-shaped mansion features a courtyard with palm and bamboo trees that connects to a modest gate that leads inside the property via french doors.

A red-tile roof, two-car garages, and a private guest entry complete this proud and welcome Italianate-Victorian home. Custom fireplaces, a gold-foil ceiling, and dark wood parquet floors decorate the main floor.

The second deck gives direct access to Baker Beach via a wooden staircase. In addition, it takes around 20 minutes to walk to the base of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The dining room has large picture windows with a clear view of the water and the light cruise and cargo ships that pass by regularly. The home also has incomparable sunset views.


Unfortunately, the actress had a near-death experience in October 2001 when doctors discovered she had a brain hemorrhage. Her marriage began to fall apart even before she had fully recovered.

Stone was unable to specify when or how her marital problems began, while she now believes her husband’s original intent with her were corrupted, and that he had tricked her into the marriage.

‘He just didn’t notice me, talk to me, look at me,’ she says of her spouse. They became separated, and the actress from ‘Basic Instinct’ began to spend time away from their shared San Francisco house.

According to sources, she spent a lot of time in her Los Angeles home and abroad trying to resurrect her acting career. Bronstein filed for divorce in 2003, citing «irreconcilable conflicts» as the reason for their marriage’s «enormous pressure.»

The divorce was friendly, and they both asked for shared custody of their adopted son Roan, which they were given. According to News 24, Bronstein’s lawyer stated:

‘There will be no drama here; they both have their three-year-best old’s interests at heart and are attempting to handle this in a confidential way.’

Following her divorce, the actress from ‘A Different Loyalty’ relocated to Los Angeles. Despite the fact that the judge first granted them both joint custody of Roan, with a two-year cycle with each parent, the terms would soon change.

Bronstein was granted primary physical custody of Roan by a San Francisco judge, who stated that continuing to move from his Bay Area community back to Los Angeles to live with Stone would be troublesome.

Stone, now living in Los Angeles and on her own, adopted two kids, Laird in May 2005 and Quinn in June 2006. Roan, on the other hand, never forgot about her and paid her frequent visits in Los Angeles.

The ‘Broken Flowers’ actress turned her Los Angeles property into a safe haven for her three sons. ‘They’ve reached the age when we don’t need to have a nanny live with us.’ In 2018, she told People, adding:

‘On a Saturday morning, I can wake up, come downstairs, and they’re playing, and we hang around. We go swimming, basketball, and movie watching. We have a wonderful family dynamic.’

Are you curious about her Los Angeles mansion? Let’s have a look around. Stone bought the Beverly Hills estate in 1993 when it was still under construction, giving her the opportunity to include her favorite designs and styles.

The home is a perfect example of Stone’s interior design talent, balancing comfort, style, and a dash of glitz. She described the design process as follows:

‘This house speaks to us in its own language, and once we understood it, the design process got much easier.’

A Mimmo Paladino painting, an antique bookcase, and a Julie Neill Designs chandelier grace the stair hall. The room is brightened by the french windows and white walls, which offer a touch of comfort and luxury.

The large living area is divided into two zones by a partial wall with mirrored pocket doors. The actress’ sons can have a private time playing games and watching tv on the one hand, while Mom entertains friends on the other.

The bathroom room off the foyer has a vintage floor from Agra, while the dining room has Moooi’s snappy modern lights and a traffic cone-colored hair-on-hide carpeting. According to Architectural Digest, she said:

‘I also installed the baseboards, mantels, and other architectural details that are so important to the space’s overall integrity.’ Stone’s home’s main room is a self-contained apartment-style unit with silk rugs, shaggy white Mongolian lamb skin chairs, and a beautiful bathroom.

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