Because of his ’lifesaver’ wife, who transformed his life, Ted Danson was happy to celebrate his 75th birthday. Read what she did and how many years they are together

Ted Danson is a renowned actor who has appeared in a number of classic roles during his career. On screen, he plays characters that are charming.

But in his private life, he fights disease with a positive attitude and with the support of his doting wife.

Let’s take a look at the life of Ted Danson and how he managed to pull himself back from the brink of failure…

We can all agree that Ted Danson is an outstanding actor, regardless of whether you remember him from his appearances in ‘Cheers,’ ‘Three Men and a Baby,’ or more recently from ‘The Good Place.’

The actor, who reached the age of 75 not too long ago, has been over over heels in love with his wife Mary Steenburgen for a very long time.

Even though they have been married for more than 22 years, the couple still loves each other as if it were their first day together.

‘I adore Mary Steenburgen with all of my heart and soul. ‘Because she is such a fantastic person, I can only say that I am extremely fortunate,’ Danson added.

Even though they have been married for almost twenty years, Danson can’t stop gushing about how wonderful his wife is.

‘It is as though Heaven were brought down to Earth. Once upon a time, he was quoted as saying, ‘If I were to die, I can say, I know what it’s like to be loved and to love.’

When they first met in 1995, Steenburgen was the one who presented Danson with the concept of transcendental meditation and guided him through his first session.

In the years that followed, Danson claimed that it had been the event that had saved his life, explaining that ‘life becomes more confusing and stressful the older you are.’

I used to like and find [meditation] interesting, but now I find it to be a necessity in my life.

According to him, as he got older the habit became into an essential part of his daily schedule.

Meditation in silence, with the recitation of a mantra, is the primary practice here; this is done at least twice daily.

Meditation has not only provided him with bodily benefits, but also spiritual benefits, which have assisted him in realizing what is most important in life.

Danson advised him to ‘be honest, be loving, and be present» as he was spending time with his wife and granddaughters.’

On the set of ‘Cross Creek’ in 1983, Danson and Steenburgen first became acquainted with one another.

Danson tried out for the part of her on-screen husband, but she was ultimately not cast in the role.

He has stated that, looking back, he is relieved that it happened that way because he was not in a healthy mental state at the time.

They had each gone through a divorce and had come to the conclusion that they would now live their lives as single people.

When they saw one other again, Steenburgen was attracted to Danson, but she thought he was complicated, and the two of them opted to become friends rather than romantically involved.

But Danson wanted more than just friendship, so he planned a trip to Mendocino, California, that included paddling and picnicking in a canoe.

After they got back from the trip, they found themselves falling head over heels for one another.

Even after more than twenty years of marriage, they cannot get enough of one other. Danson is quoted as saying, ‘I want to spend as much of my life as possible with Mary.’

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