Mommy of the newborn triplets record how every day their dog takes care of her babies… The video went viral and melted a lot of hearts..

Sunny is a little Goldendoodle from Branford, Connecticut, who guards three gorgeous newborn triplets. The dog is so enamored with the new family members that he pays them frequent visits to ensure that everything is in right line.

Lauren Barnes, the triplets’ new parent, tweeted a video of Sunny checking on ‘his babies’ on TikTok, and it instantly went viral. The charming video, dubbed ‘cuteness overload’ by Barnes, is warming hearts all over the social media…

Barnes has been posting videos of her stunning triplets since their birth, and Sunny has appeared in the most of them. Sunny enters to double-check everything is in order while all three triplets are cuddled up and relaxing on the couch in the video.

The two-month-old babies are already anticipating the arrival of their canine companion. This fast morning check has already turned into a habit.

Sunny stands on a nearby footstool and nuzzles one of the triplets. He spreads his body on the couch to get a better view of the little creatures. He merely stays long enough to ensure that baby number one is content and satisfied.

Then it’s time to check in on baby number two. Sunny shifts his weight and lengthens his limbs. With her brilliant eyes, the infant appears to perk up and study Sunny.

With a sniff and a kiss, baby number three receives the final payment. According to Sunny, everything appears to be in order. ‘This is where my job ends.’ Sunny raises her eyes to the camera, as if assuring her mother that everything is well.

He can finally relax now that he knows his kids are secure and in good hands. Barnes also shared a photo of Sunny getting in on the hugs in another post. He checks up on the kids while also sure that they are nice and cozy.

While most dogs enjoy playing with pups and babies, it takes a certain breed to keep an eye on them while still delivering the best hugs. Sunny seemed to enjoy being around these small children, and I’m sure they enjoy it as well.

Sunny, we adore you!

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