Autistic girl’s Christmas version of ‘Hallelujah’ captivates millions of listeners

There are some songs that just lift you up and make you feel good. For many, “Hallelujah” is one of them.

Over time it’s been covered by a wide variety of artists, but there’s one performance, in particular, that’s unforgettable. Some music simply cheers you up and makes you feel wonderful. “Hallelujah” is one of them for many.

It has been covered by many different performers throughout the years, but one specific rendition stands out.

In 2016, Kaylee Rogers performed on stage in front of her school in Northern Ireland.

She led the ensemble in a Christmas performance of “Hallelujah” that the internet couldn’t stop talking about thanks to her tremendous voice.

But the performance is much more complex than first appears.

You see, Kaylee is more than just a young lady with a prodigious singing voice.

The information that she also has autism and ADHD may surprise some people.

When Kaylee performed in front of this crowd, she was ten years old and a student at the Killard House School in Donaghadee, Ireland.

She was quite shy and seldom spoke up in class, but singing for some reason helped her come out of her shell.

Colin Millar, the school’s headmaster, explained to BBC Newsbeat:

She used to be a pretty reserved young girl, but when she sings, she just relaxes.

In their Christmas pageant, Kaylee and her classmates gave “Hallelujah” a performance. She was the primary vocalist, with the chorus supporting her.

Lloyd Scates, the school’s music teacher, was the first to recognize Kaylee’s incredible singing abilities.

He encouraged her to appear in school concerts in order to help her develop her self-confidence.

Kaylee’s mother, Tracy Rogers, said to BBC Newsbeat:

She has always enjoyed singing, but she didn’t fully find her voice until she enrolled at Killard House School. He’s incredible; he’s like her security blanket.

Many people needed tissues after seeing this video.

Kaylee performs a Christmas cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” for more over four minutes, accompanied by the school choir.

She not only sings like an angel, but she also conveys her problems with such assurance.

The 10-year-church old’s was the first to witness her performance before the rest of the globe.
Kaylee had been scheduled to perform at a religious function, but she was compelled to cancel due to illness.

She was understandably outraged and saddened by everything.

Tracy, her mother, told NBC News:

She experienced a severe autistic meltdown because she failed to comprehend that it is OK to cancel when you are ill. She is quite harsh with herself.

They played Kaylee’s solo rendition of “Hallelujah” in place of her scheduled performance for the congregation.

The members found it to be so poignant that several of them started crying.

The video was soon uploaded to the internet and immediately became popular. Millions of people have viewed it, and Kaylee has made news all across the world.

There have been a ton of positive comments left about the performance. According to a YouTube user:

“This is really incredible! She has a better voice than 80% of singers nowadays, giving me chills! totally outstanding

A different commenter said:

“Every time I see this, I cry. You offer me hope and courage for my two autistic boys. God be with you.

The time of year is ideal for lovely, uplifting performances. Get ready for one of your new faves may be this Christmas-themed “Hallelujah” performance.

Watch Kaylee sing her heart out in the video down below.

The time of year is ideal for lovely, uplifting performances. Get ready for one of your new faves may be this Christmas-themed “Hallelujah” performance.

Watch Kaylee sing her heart out in the video down below.

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