Elvis and Susan Boyle perform an incredible Christmas duet together. It’s just magical

If Elvis were to learn about all the «new» Christmas songs he has released in the previous few years, he might be looking down on us with a little bit of amazement!

But given that they are all very miraculous, we believe he would approve.He sang all the oldies because he loved holiday music so much.

His historical recordings were ‘resurrected’ and combined with those of contemporary country and gospel singers for the whole album Christmas Duets, which was published by RCA Records in 2008.

The King’s recording was used with Susan Boyle’s consent as well.

Boyle chose the song ‘O Come, All Ye Faithful’ to ‘sing with’ Elvis.

Following its release, the recording’s earnings were donated to Save The Children UK and the Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation in the United States.

Boyle stated to The Independent in that year: ‘Duetting with Elvis exceeded all of my expectations.

And it’s wonderful that this may now raise money and benefit kids.Boyle recalled that as a child, she frequently heard Elvis sing, and her father was a fan as well.

They picked a version of the song from 1971 for the duet.Boyle and Elvis have both expressed a strong preference for Christmas carol covers.

Actually, the duet with Elvis can be found on her second Christmas album Home for the Holidays, while «O Come, All Ye Faithful» initially appeared as a solo on her second album, The Gift in 2010.

The movie

Boyle filmed the music video for the song at a Glasgow elementary school. Boyle is an ambassador for the nonprofit organization Save The Children UK.

She uttered:

‘I’ve had the honor of spending time with families through the Families And Schools Together program, which is offered by a Glasgow school.

It’s fantastic to see how the funds contributed are used and the difference they make for these families. It genuinely benefits individuals.

The young people had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work on the lovely video for a few days.

‘For the music video, I was joined by the kids from the Fast program. The kids were wonderful, and we spent two delightful days. They were all excellent.’

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