At the age of 69, Pierce Brosnan has found joy in being a grandpa to three of his grandchildren and choosing to live a secluded family life in Hawaii. The former James Bond actor has shifted his priorities in his later years, focusing on his family and enjoying time in the sun with them.

Twenty years ago, Pierce Brosnan became a grandfather and he loves the role. He and his wife, who is the target of cruel body-shaming comments on social media, currently live in Hawaii. Despite the long years of marriage, they are still madly in love.

Since then, Smith and Brosnan have been inseparable. While Brosnan has appeared in numerous films, Smith has been his constant companion and support. They have two sons and a daughter, Dylan Thomas Brosnan, Paris Beckett Brosnan, and Sean Brosnan.
Brosnan took her on the famous walk down the altar in 2001, and the ceremony took place in the ancient Ballintubber Abbey in County Mayo, Ireland, in the presence of their friends and family.


Brosnan and his wife have been together for decades, standing by each other through thick and thin. Now, with their own kids grown up and having kids of their own, the actor is a doting grandfather to his grandkids. He is always thrilled to spend time with them and loves to see the joy they bring into his life.

Pierce has called the place a magical one that he and his wife had always seen as a getaway.

In 2013, their love was tested when Charlotte was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Despite the heartache and sadness, the couple showed immense strength and courage as they faced the life-altering tragedy together. They found solace in their faith and in the love they had for each other, and they ultimately emerged stronger than ever before.

On their 25th wedding anniversary, Pierce Brosnan took to Instagram to share a heartfelt tribute to his wife, Keely Smith. He praised her for making him the family-loving and successful man he is today, but also acknowledged that he was always meant to be on this path. Many have said it is easy to mistake the two for newlyweds, and this fact remains true.

He cherishes his family and takes pride in being able to provide them with a secure and happy life.

As a child, Brosnan struggled with his father’s absence and did not have a solid family to back him up. Now that he has a family, he recognizes its value and has never taken it for granted.

In response to one fan comparing an old picture of him with his wife to a current version, Brosnan took to the now-deleted post and said he loved his wife just the way she was.

At 69, Brosnan is still as proud as ever of his grandchildren, and is always ready to show them off to the world.

“My grandkids—Isabella, Lucas, and Marley—they just melt my heart. I’m so proud of them and the people they’ve become.”

“It’s just such a joy to be a grandparent … there is just something intoxicating about it and beautiful. There is something very special about it.”

He cherishes every moment, recognizing it as a gift. Pierce’s appreciation for life has become a driving force in his life, making him live with a vibrant energy that is often found in those much younger than him.

But Pierce is not just enjoying life in Hawaii. He is also taking steps to build a more permanent home there. He has been scouring the island for a new place to settle down and has been in talks with local real estate agents. He hopes to find a place that is close to the water, so he can make the most of the ocean’s beauty and tranquility.

In addition to his search for the perfect home, Pierce has also been making an effort to get to know the locals and explore the culture of Hawaii. He has been attending festivals, learning about the area’s history, and sampling the food. Pierce is also making sure to give back to the community, volunteering his time and resources to help those in need.

Although Pierce has yet to settle down in Hawaii, it is clear that he is committed to making it his home. He has already taken steps to become an integral part of the community, and his passion for the islands will only continue to grow. With his dedication and enthusiasm, it is only a matter of time before Pierce finds the perfect spot to settle down and make Hawaii his home.

The pictures of the artist’s completed works garnered much admiration from his fans, with one even comparing his paintings to those of the legendary painter, Picasso. Located in a stunning oceanfront estate in Kauai, Hawaii, the family’s five-acre home was purchased in 2002, and they have since been alternating between that and their home in Malibu, California.

Pierce Brosnan has called the location he and his family sought refuge on during the COVID-19 pandemic “magical”. The family spent their days swimming in the ocean, snorkeling, and taking in the lush forests. During their time there, they also enjoyed the luxury of sunbathing on the beach. Ultimately, the place became a much-needed getaway for the Brosnans to escape from the pandemic.

Recently, rumors have been swirling that the star is planning to make Hawaii their permanent home after listing their Malibu residence. They later took the listing down, but have made it clear that they intend to settle in Hawaii in the near future.

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