When Ordinary Soccer Dad Sounds Incredibly Like Elvis The Judges Are Forced To Press Golden Buzzer

The calm exterior Darcy displayed gave no hint to the tremendous trials he endured just a few years before his appearance on the show. Louis Walsh, a music mogul and judge on the show, initiated the conversation that brought the circumstances of Darcy’s ordeal to light once Darcy was onstage.

Darcy explained he had a herniated disc in his back that crushed the nerves in his leg. He says in the video he rolled over out of bed one morning and collapsed to the floor not being able to walk. Doctors told him there was a 50-50 chance he would never walk again.

It is difficult to imagine waking up one day and learning you may never walk again. Barry says the experience caused his feelings of love for his wife and children to grow in intensity. The pride and emotion in Darcy’s voice are clear when he talks of the love and support provided to him by his wife.

The song selection for Darcy was Elvis Presley’s The Wonder of You. Darcy says the song perfectly articulates his feelings for his wife and children. The crowd was amazed at the cool confidence Darcy displayed while performing and was surprised at how much he sounded like Elvis. Both the crowd and judges swayed rhythmically while Darcy sang his song.

Darcy’s family watched from backstage and were having the time of their lives. They, along with the judges and audience, were in shock when Walsh took to his feet and pressed on the golden buzzer.

When the golden buzzer was pressed, Darcy began to weep and his family ran onto the stage to join him.

Darcy is a living example that the right attitude is undefeated against tough circumstances. Not only did the audience and judges appreciate Darcy’s singing ability, but his personality and enthusiasm also made a permanent impression on them.

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