Alan Jackson Celebrates 43 Years with Wife: They Still ‘Go to Bed Together’

Alan Jackson and his wife, Denise, have spent over four decades in wedded bliss. The couple spends their days together knowing they’re blessed with a beautiful, enduring marriage despite the challenges.

Although they have not always had easy times, they have come together through every trial and tribulation. Now, 43 years later, they are celebrating the beautiful life they have built together.

Among some of the other challenges they faced during their marriage, the couple met a cancer diagnosis in 2010. Denise was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, which she, fortunately, beat through treatment.
After she recovered, Alan said the couple’s outlook on life had changed dramatically. They realized what they should be focusing on and what they should be leaving in the past. They now live much more simply.

Alan and Denise sold off many of their properties and now live a life where they spend as much time as possible together. He said:

“We get up in the morning and drink coffee together and talk.”

Alan also said that they place importance on going to bed together. He said that he does not go to bed before or after his wife unless he is out of town. He also mentioned that reaching the age of 40 together gave them the maturity they needed to tackle the rest of their years.

Alan Jackson Doesn’t Miss A Chance to Admire His Wife
Even after more than four decades as a married couple, Alan still admires his wife each and every day. Since high school, he has known Denise as the love of his life and treats her as such.

While Alan is still very much in love with his wife, they have faced battles that broke them up for a few months. They split in 1998 because of Alan’s demanding career and the fact that he was unfaithful to Denise.

They couldn’t be away from one another for long, though, and quickly reconciled. Alan then began writing songs about his wife, which were released as singles and also added to some of his albums.

One of his songs, “Once In A Lifetime Love,” was written about his relationship with his wife. In the song, he encourages listeners not to give up on or lose the people they love, mainly if the listener thinks the person is their one true love.

Alan’s career flourished after he reconciled with his wife and even won a CMA Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award. Talking about his career, Alan said:

“I’ve had a great team around me my whole career that have helped me, great songwriters.”

He also thanked his wife for her role in his life and career. He shared that they met as teenagers and have become a formidable team over the years despite having faced many challenges together.

Alan thanked his wife and acknowledged that he was not the easiest person to be with, but was grateful that his wife was willing to stick by his side through the good and bad days.

Alan Jackson Is A “Dream Father”
Alan and Denise are the parents of three children, Dani, Matti, and Alexandra. While all three children realize their father’s success in the country music sphere, they consider him an even better father.

At Alan’s Country Music Hall of Fame induction, Alexandra spoke about her father and called him “every girl’s dream father” and said he was her best friend. She said he gave her and her sisters a loving upbringing, for which they are grateful.

The young woman said her father had filled their home with music and religion, which left them with a wholesome upbringing. She said that her father was an icon in more ways than one, and she loved him very much.

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