‘You Don’t Know What This Means to Me’: 108-Year-Old Man’s Reaction When He Met His Namesake Grandson

‘You Don’t Know What This Means to Me’: 108-Year-Old Man’s Reaction When He Met His Namesake Grandson

Esmond Allcock was on track to become Canada’s oldest resident in 2018. The husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather was born in 1910 and lived a long and rich life. His family was very important to him and he tried to stay in touch with everyone.

Jenna Lehne named her son Esmond after her grandfather. For three decades he was a constant in her life. While few children get the chance to meet their grandparents, baby Esmond did.

Lene recalled how her great-grandfather helped her crawl after she informed him she wanted to “walk.” When he found out that she was giving birth to her first child, he told his friends and relatives. He was pleased and proud.

He said something surprising when she told him she had another son. He informed his wife that none of his 71 descendants were named after him. Lene and her husband immediately agreed that their second son should be named after him.

As soon as she could, Lene took the baby to see her great-grandfather. The meeting did not go according to plan. She said that when they arrived, he had no idea who she was. He recognized her grandparents, but he wasn’t sure about her.

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Even so, he couldn’t take his eyes off baby Esmond, whom he loved to hold in his arms. He immediately remembered Lehne as the girl with whom he “walked for a walk” in the middle of their stay. It was a wonderful time for him.

The proximity between Esmond Senior and Esmond Junior enhanced the family holiday. They were inseparable and the great-grandfather was overcome with emotion as he bonded with the newest member of the family.

“You have no idea what this means to me,” he kept repeating. It meant a lot to Lehne, who considered herself lucky to still have him in her life. She stated that he often asked about the child and asked for information.

“Once the snow melts, we’ll be on our way to see him again,” Lene added. Great-great-grandfather Esmond, little Ez and little girl Walk Walk will be there.” Netizens were also moved by the story.

“Wonderful friendship and heartwarming story,” one person said. Others described it as a pleasant interaction and said: “I miss grandpa. I know he was honorable,” said another commenter. It was a moment Esmond Senior will never forget.

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