Baby Twins Sweetly Embrace In The Womb And Quickly Reach For Each Other After Birth (Video)

Baby Twins Sweetly Embrace In The Womb And Quickly Reach For Each Other After Birth

The bond between a pair of twins is a unique bond that you cannot find anywhere else. These babies share their mother’s womb and develop in unison throughout pregnancy.

Not surprisingly, twins will stay close after birth, and some newborns will want to be with their twin as much as possible because they remember this. That was the case for a pair of newborn twins who took a special shower a few days after giving birth and couldn’t stop hugging and holding each other as they enjoyed the water.

In a video published in 2013, a woman hugged two newborn babies while pouring water over them. This particular bath technique is called Thalasso Baby Bath and was invented by Sonia Rochel. Rochel is a maternity nurse in Paris, France. She revealed that the twins seen in the video are a boy and a girl, and they reacted to the water as if they were back in the womb and never left their sibling throughout the experience.

Rochel came up with a technique of running water over the baby’s head with his eyes closed and his mouth and nose above the water so he could breathe. She found that as soon as the babies felt water, they reacted as if they were back in the womb, and for the twins in the video, that meant holding each other again. Rochel also noted that the Thalasso bath is only for babies under two months and warned that parents should not try to replicate it at home.

Keep reading to learn more about this video and another set of twins who got incredibly close while in the womb.

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Another set of twins have become very close after it was discovered that they share the same amniotic sac. This meant babies were at high risk of one of their umbilical cords getting wrapped around their neck due to lack of space. Mum Vicky Plowright shared:

“Within an hour I found out that we were expecting twins, but they could be in danger.” It was torture, thinking we could lose them at any moment.”

Fortunately, at the 12-week scan, a specialist sonographer saw that the twins had entered a life-saving embrace. Vicki and her husband Chris were delighted. On the monitor, they could see their two babies in a tight embrace, holding hands. This precious position also protected the twins. “Standing still in that position, they kept the ropes from getting so tangled that it killed them,” Vicki said. “It was truly a miracle.”

Late in the pregnancy, Vicki and Chris were afraid the babies were moving and might suffocate. Vicky explained: “I didn’t feel like I could get excited because I was so worried that every scan would tell us our twins didn’t survive.

When one of the twins stopped growing due to lack of space, doctors decided it was best to deliver the babies at 32 weeks. They were born in 2015 and are both healthy and have become even closer. “They’re best friends,” Vicki said. “Before they met the world, they knew each other and grew up together in such a small space that I knew they would have a special bond for the rest of their lives.”

The Huffington Post reported that about 25% of twins develop towards each other in the womb, causing them to develop as a mirror image of the other. They explained: “They can be right-handed and left-handed, have birthmarks on opposite sides of their bodies, or have vortices spinning in opposite directions.

A common misconception is that identical twins have the same fingerprints. However, as they develop in the womb, their fingerprints change. The Huffington Post explained: “When identical twins are conceived, they start out with the same fingerprints, but during the sixth to 13th week of pregnancy, as the babies begin to move, they each touch the amniotic sac and it forms unique ridges . and the lines. each twin’s hands resulting in different fingerprints.”

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