Cops stop to mow 83-year-old’s lawn then find out the heartwarming reason why he’s so tired

Cops stop to mow 83-year-old’s lawn then find out the heartwarming reason why he’s so tired

When the officers noticed the elderly man struggling, they pulled over to mow his lawn. Turns out, they couldn’t have picked a more deserving person to help.

It’s always so satisfying when someone who is truly deserving of good deeds gets treated well. When officers patrolling an Anaheim, California neighborhood stopped to help an elderly man, they learned that they could not have decided to help a better person.

Lupe Robles was mowing his lawn in 85-degree weather.

While that is not too hot for Southern California, it is quite hot if you are 83 years old, like Robles. But he was outside, sweating and working hard to help ensure that his lawn stayed healthy.

The cops were patrolling nearby, and when they saw Robles they knew they couldn’t let him work so hard alone.

Alex Ungureanu and Lorenzo Uribe are two Anaheim police officers. When they drove past Robles street they noticed that he seemed to be struggling with his lawnmower. Knowing that working too hard, and in high temperatures at his age can pose health risks, they stopped their police car and offered to take over mowing.

Uribe explains their reasoning to LA’s CBS Local:

“Part of our duties is to help our citizens. And I think, based on the call we were on, this was a priority.”

So the cops got right to work.

While Officer Uribe went to the lawnmower and started mowing the grass, Officer Ungureanu began to prune trees and see what else they could help Robles with.

Robles’ neighbors were so blown away by the officer’s actions that they began to record them working on his lawn. For his part, Robles was also extremely grateful. In fact, Robles spoke through Officer Uribe, using him as a translator to explain what the actions meant to him:

“I was very grateful, I was very happy. They are totally awesome…good friends now.”

Robles was so tired because he had been busy all day doing his own acts of kindness.

You really do reap what you sow! Robles had been helping his neighbors out all day. Since dawn, he had been in his neighbor’s yards mowing their grass and watering their plants. He did this all for free and simply out of the kindness of his own heart.

Turns out, this is just normal for him. Robles has been helping his neighbors like this for as long as he has lived in the community, the past 13 years. So, it really is perfect that the cops stopped to help him with his own yard and gave him a break during the hot day.

Robles’ neighbors have nothing but praise for their selfless neighbor.

While the neighbors were amazed and touched by the officer’s kindness, they also really admire the consistency and dedication that Robles puts into helping others.

One neighbor shared his admiration by telling this story:

“This man works from like 6 or 7 o’clock in the morning, til almost dusk. And I get tired just watching him sometimes, and I’m a lot younger than he is!”

Another neighbor commented:

“I watch him come in here, and sometimes he’s here when it’s dark!”

Both the officers and Robles deserve praise for their good deeds.

The officers even mentioned that Robles has become their new role model because of how hard he works. As these three men prove, doing hard work to make life better for other people is always worth it.

Learn more about this act of kindness by watching the video below!

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