As Bruce Willis’ mental health deteriorates, his family prays for a Christmas miracle.

As Bruce Willis’ mental health deteriorates, his family prays for a Christmas miracle.

His family is praying for a Christmas miracle as Bruce Willis’ mental abilities deteriorate.

His ex-wife, Demi Moore, and his new wife, Emma Heming, have become even closer after he retired from his decades-long Hollywood career.

In March, Willis (67) was diagnosed with aphasia, a disease that affects his or her ability to speak and understand.

According to a family source, his health has now improved, and he and his family are spending time together whenever possible.

According to the anonymous insider, they know he won’t be around for long.So they appreciate every minute.

Bruce and Emma were constantly in contact with Moore, according to the source.

Their daughter Tallulah, 28, posted a photo of herself hugging her mom while her dad stands nearby watching Demi’s dog, Pilaf, as the blended family vacationed in Idaho as they always do.

He also stated that Demi and Emma have grown closer as they work together to help the struggling artist.

Bruce can’t talk much and doesn’t seem to understand much of what people say. So Emma was really his voice and communicator.

There are days when they see old Bruce, he noted, but they are fleeting and rare.

He seems to be drifting further and further away from them, which breaks their hearts. Christmas without Bruce is unimaginable for girls.

Older women miss the old Bruce – the one who teased them about their partners and offered them unsolicited advice, the unnamed insider said.

As Christmas approaches, he noted, all they can do is tell him they love him and hope for a holiday miracle.

Tallulah and Scout have been posting pictures of the whole family together, hinting that the happy family is enjoying all the time they have with the actor.

Tallulah expressed her love for her parents in a post this week, while Scout shared photos of Bruce carefully hugging Pilaf as he sat down at the dinner table with Tallulah and his wife Emma.

She wrote on the photo: “Family dinner”.

Another photo shows Bruce lovingly holding Emma’s hand as they sat at a table next to each other.

Bruce married Emma in 2009 and the couple have two children, Mabel and Evelyn.

From 1987 to 2000, the Di3 Hard actor was married to Moore. Rumer, Tallulah and Scout are their three daughters.

Earlier this year, Bruce’s family announced that he would retire from acting due to a diagnosis of aphasia.

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