Mark Wahlberg Called His Mom Every Morning But Now She’s Gone.

Mark Wahlberg Called His Mom Every Morning But Now She’s Gone. Mothers are truly a blessing from God and we should not ever underestimate the power of a mother’s prayer for her children!

Last year was an emotional one for Mark Wahlberg when his mother Alma Wahlberg passed away. Mark talks about his pain every day and how he misses his mom. Mark Wahlberg may be a great actor and no matter how busy Hollywood kept him, he always tried to honor his mother’s request that he call her every day.

After Mark Wahlberg promised to call his mom every day, he stayed by her side until her mother passed away
at the age of 78. And with the shocking loss of his mother came the loss of their precious daily routine.

Mark said it was consistently the first phone call he made every day for the past 10 years, it was to his mother. It’s heartbreaking and hard to believe that he can no longer make that call.

Mark’s mother said sometime in 2018 that he calls her from all over the world and every day and he just doesn’t care what time of day it is.

Family and faith are of utmost importance to Mark now, but the situation was not always like this.

Growing up, times were tough for Mark Wahlberg and his mother and siblings. During his teenage years, Mark made some pretty bad choices. He even went to jail after robbing a store. But those hard times, along with his mother’s love and support, eventually inspired Mark to give himself to God.

Mark said he had to make a personal choice and then he had to put his faith forward and it really allowed him to overcome a lot in his life.

When Marko decided to submit to God’s will, everything changed. He traded his troubled youth for a life of c-rime with hard work and determination and it pays off handsomely.

Mark may have made it in Hollywood, but his mother always measured his success in a different way. She made sure that Mark Wahlberg’s net worth is not found in fame or wealth, but in faith and family.

Mark explained what made his mother the happiest. They really turned their lives around and became really productive and family oriented people. He went on to say that his mother was most proud of what a husband and father he was.

She always respected Mark’s accomplishments and the things he was able to do professionally, but his personal growth actually meant much more to her.

Donnie Wahlberg, Mark’s brother, wrote in a tribute to his mother that he was so blessed that such a wonderful woman brought him into this world, raised him, taught him and set him on his life’s path. He further wrote that it is time for his mother to rest in peace.

The importance Alma Wahlberg placed on family and faith throughout her life became her legacy. And her children honor her by approaching her.

Mark Wahlberg praises his sister for trying to fulfill the role his mother once played as the cement in keeping the family together.

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