After seeing how two children on the bus treated a youngster, the driver sent a statement to the parents that has now gone viral…

To paraphrase an ancient proverb, “the fruit does not fall far from the tree,” there are many who feel that the actions and attitudes shown by children are an exact mirror of those of their parents.

Because of this, a bus driver felt compelled to compliment the parents of two of the passengers on the bus for raising such lovely children after seeing how differently two of the children on the bus treated another passenger.

Cindy Clausen, who worked as a school bus driver for many years, had enough opportunity to see the callousness with which children may treat others who are different from themselves, even when they do not intend to do so.

Therefore, when two children with the same name called Annaliese and Jorge who are siblings showed true love to Jackson, a youngster who also had a handicap, it was a significant moment. Instead of imitating the behavior of the other children, they decided to take a stance for him together.

They went over to him, sat with him, and made friends with him in order to give him the impression that he is the same as the other children his age. In addition to that, both of the children made an offer to help Jackson all the way through their journey back to their house.

Cindy Clausen, who was taken aback by the kind spirit and compassion that these two children displayed for Jackson, sent a note to Annaliese and Jorge’s parents to let them know that they have done a good job raising their children and to congratulate them on doing so.

“I feel impelled to write to tell you how wonderful your children are, both on the inside and the exterior,” the letter begins. This can only come from the home, via the patience and direction of the parents, as well as the examples that are established and taught by the parents.”

The letter has gained attention from individuals all across the world and has been met with acclaim and admiration.

The elated parents are overjoyed to learn that the morals and principles they are instilling in Annaliese and Jorge are becoming deeply ingrained in their hearts and can be seen reflected in their behavior.

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