Pregnant Mom Confused By A Family’s Dog Barking As Time Went On Learns The Dog Was Warning Her And Saves Baby’s Life

Alhanna found out she was pregnant and was thrilled to add a new member to her family. But, for some reason, Kyula looked visibly worried. The big dog constantly barked at his mother’s expanding human belly and torso.

Meanwhile, Alhanna started experiencing severe back pain during her pregnancy. When she went to the doctor, he assured her that everything would be fine and that it was just because of the weight of the pregnancy. While the doctor seemed convinced that everything was fine, Kyula was not!

The dog continued to bark at Alhanna’s trunk and its desperation grew over time. Then she started looking into our deity’s eyes, seemingly pleading with her to do something and get some help. The pregnant woman wanted to believe that everything was fine and that her dog was just a mess, but she admitted that the unusual behavior scared her.

She took photos of the dog’s behavior and posted them on Facebook, in an effort to shed light on a situation that scared her. Instead of laughing with her, Alhanna’s friends suggested that maybe the dog was onto something and could see – or smell – that something was wrong.

Eventually, Alhanna heeded Kyula’s warnings and returned to the doctor. This time I asked for answers and forced them to take a survey. It turned out that the condition was serious and Alhanna needed to be in intensive care. The mother-to-be had what doctors later described as “superbugs.” It was an antibiotic resistant disease and has only affected one other person in the UK so far. And if that wasn’t enough, she also had a serious kidney infection that was in her kidneys.

If she hadn’t gone to the doctor, she would have died with her baby.

Thanks to Keola, ElHana received the treatment she needed to heal her kidneys and recover from the superbug. Her next trip was to the hospital to give birth to her beautiful son, Lincoln. The family is now complete and Keola loves taking care of the newborn. We are sure the family will be forever grateful for this special dog!

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