Ron Howard Praises Beloved Wife on Her Birthday: He’s a ‘Lucky Fella’ & Enjoys Spending Time with Her

Ron Howard wished the “love of his life” a happy 68th birthday!

After over 50 years since their first date, they still enjoyed hiking together.

The couple was happy grandparents of six grandchildren.

On November 1, 2020, Ron Howard and his wife, Cheryl Howard, celebrated the 50th anniversary of their first date! Taking to his Instagram account, the director revealed that the first time they went out together was in 1970.

Ron shared how they’d gone out to see the re-release of “It’s a Mad Mad Mad World.” Afterwards, the couple went for some pizza at Toluca Lake’s Barnone’s, which was now non-operational.

The Oscar Award-winner and Cheryl married on June 7, 1975, after dating for five years. The couple had five children, twins Jocelyn Carlyle and Paige Carly Howard, daughters Bryce Dallas Howard and son Reed Cross.

He met his future wife while attending Burbank, California’s John Burroughs High School as a junior. On December 3, 2020, Ron uploaded a beautiful photo of Cheryl, showing how much he adored her.

In the image, she was smiling, and he noted how gorgeous she looked while celebrating her 67th birthday! The star affectionately called her the “love of my life” and revealed how they’d made time during the holidays to slow down so they could celebrate.

In 2022, the director and his wife celebrated her turning 68, and the pair would live long as they maintained an active lifestyle. The previous year in February, Ron shared a picture of him and his wife enjoying time together outside.

He revealed they’d gone on a hike in the woods on his day off. The following year in November, the couple went on another scenic walk in the Berkshires near a river, but besides spending time together, they also bonded with family.

Ron and Cheryl’s Roles as Grandparents
According to Bryce, her children worshipped Cheryl and Ron and looked forward to having sleepovers at their home when they were around. The actress revealed how her father was the “sweetest” grandfather, adding:

“I love that both of my children have a unique and special relationship with him.”

Bryce even recalled the memories that she had as a child with her father. She explained that watching Ron do what he used to do with her when she was a child and playing with her children made the actress happy.

Ron [Howard] shared that beyond that, it was all left to luck because people could either grow as a unit or not.

For 2021’s Mother’s Day, Paige uploaded an Instagram photo of her mother bonding with her grandchild. Ron’s daughter described Cheryl as the “most beautiful woman” she knew and thanked her for never wasting life, and stated:

“Thank you for showing me the way. I love you, always, more than there are stars.”

Being together for such a long time wasn’t easy for Ron and his wife; the couple faced relationship challenges but persevered. The duo once shared how they’d managed to push forward through the years.

“There Was Never Anybody Else:” Ron on the Secret of Marriage
Ron once described himself as a “lucky fella” when celebrating 46 years of marriage with Cheryl in 2021. He confessed that he instantly connected to his future wife when he met her, noting:

“I met her, and there was never anybody else.”

The star also revealed that the secret to their long-lasting marriage was “communication.” The director explained that there wasn’t one particular technique to have a lasting marriage except making communication a crucial part of the relationship.

Cheryl’s husband advocated for learning to communicate well and the willingness to have difficult conversations constructively. Ron shared that beyond that, it was all left to luck because people could either grow as a unit or not.

He believed it wasn’t something that could be forced. “The Andy Griffith Show” star’s significant other also remained by his side throughout his Hollywood career, and together they raised their children in Greenwich, Connecticut, out of the spotlight.

Ron credited his wife for always being “unbelievably supportive” of him, and because they were compatible, the couple could endure different life experiences. By 2022, the duo was also blessed to be grandparents to six grandchildren!

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